Jury Agrees That Insurer Claim That South Side House Fire Was Arson

Billie Nathan, Charmaine Nathan v Allstate Insurance Co. 01CH-15800 (transferred to Law Division)

  • Verdict: Not Guilty
  • Special Interrogatories: Did either of the Plaintiffs intentionally cause the fire that occurred on Feb. 17, 2001, either by their own hand or by another at their direction or request? "No." Did either of the Plaintiffs make any material misrepresentations to Allstate during the course of their examinations under oath? "Yes."
  • Judge: Ronald F. Bartkowicz (IL Cook-Law)
  • Pltf Atty: Wade Brien Arends for both Plaintiffs
  • Demand: : $89,677 total
  • Deft Atty: Peter W. Schoonmaker of Condon & Cook
  • Offer: none
  • Pltf Experts: Philip Kroker, Service Construction, 5460 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL (847-670-0300) (Construction) for both Plaintiffs
  • Deft Experts: Douglas Rayburn (Fire Cause/Origin) and Lt. Terrence Sheppard, Chicago Fire Department, 3015 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL (708-588-1970) (Fire Cause/Origin)

A fire occurred at 2:50 a.m. at Plaintiffs' home at 4925 S. Princeton, Chicago. They submitted a claim to Allstate for damage to the dwelling structure and personal property contents. Allstate denied coverage for the claim, asserting that Plaintiffs breached the insurance policy by intentionally causing the fire and by making material misrepresentations to Allstate during its investigation of the claim.

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